Download Wifikill NetkillUI App Apk For iOS iPhone 9/10 Android

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Free Download Wifikill NetkillUI App Pro Premium Cracked Apk For Android/iPhone/Pc Using Windows and iOS 9/10/11

There are so many of us who are now using Wi-Fi connections at our homes. The basic idea is, of course, to get high-speed internet without having to worry about the data usage. However, things may not turn up as you thought. There are ways with which others can penetrate your Wi-Fi as a result; you will get annoyingly slow speeds. Now, for those who have an iPhone they can use the wifikill apk no root app and restrict the access to all the others who are using your Wi-Fi connection. Thus, you will always be able to enjoy the high-speed internet without having to be concerned about data theft.

Brief overview of Wifikill NetkillUI App

The Wifikill NetkillUI app is a very handy application; it can detect all the other devices that are prying on your Wi-Fi connection. Henceforth, all the others who were using your data will be able to connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi credentials but will not get any speed at all to browse the internet. However, you need to be aware of certain points before you can use the Wifikill NetkillUI app and these are:

  • You have to jailbreak your iOS device in order to use this application effectively.
  • You should also have the Cydia app installed on your phone.
  • The procedure to use the wifikill root apk download.
  • Your first step would be to identify an authentic website to download the repo for the Cydia app.
  • The next step would be installing the wifikill 1.7 apk and wifikill 2.2 apk in Cydia.
  • You should now be able to see the NetkillUI alternative apk icon on your home screen. Open the app.
  • After the app is launched, you will find some options, swipe them and soon you should be able to see the details of some IP addresses. These are the addresses which are using your Wi-Fi.
  • Now, you should select the IP addresses one by one and easily kill them by using the kill button.
  • All the others accessing your Wi-Fi connection will no longer be able to get any speed for accessing the internet.
  • wifikill premium windows and wifikill pro apk cracked premium for free to provides all user’s.

Now, when you genuinely want someone else to use your Wi-Fi, you might be worried as wifikill pc will not allow them to access it. However, there is another option with which you can disable the earlier action. The name of the option is “Tap to stop all arpspoof processes”. Things would return to the earlier setting once you do this.

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The Wifikill NetkillUI app is a well-known name for the Android users. Though at present it is not available for download on the Google Play Store, you can find trusted websites to download the same. The download and installation procedure is same like any other Android apps. You simply need to download the apk file and use it. The workability is identical to the procedure discussed above. So, users of either platform i.e. Android and iOS can now use this extremely useful app for protecting their Wi-Fi connections.

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